How it Works

Live Account Status

For reward cards, business rarely tracks outstanding balance. For prepaid cards, business tracks the balance in a ledger but consumers have no easy access to their own balances.

With our system, both parties track transactions online.

phone screeshot with transactions table
An example screenshot of transaction table for a shop

No Physical Infrastructure

Consumers manage many cards to engage in loyalty programs. Businesses manage rubber stamps for reward programs or expensive backends for prepaid programs.

With our system, both parties use existing smart phones.

open wallet with many cards
Consumers and cashiers use any recent android or apple smartphone. No app to download.

Get Started: Business

  1. Create a program using these instructions
  2. Create a shop using these instructions
  3. Request the qr code banner to display in your shop to help users sign up. You can customize the banner with your own message. Scanning the code will take the phone browser to the sign up page. The link to make this request can be found in the shop/program settings page.

Get Started: Consumer

  1. Please sign up for free You can use
    • existing social accounts
    • phone number
    • email address
  2. Upon signup, your phone shows your loyalty code; you present this code to participating merchants. For your own protection, this code is valid for a short period but can be regenerated upon demand by refreshing the page.
  3. Your profile page will have reports on your existing programs