Cloud Loyalty System

Feb 5 2020

Loyalty programs have been around for centuries, but research shows that participation is on the decline recently. How do you capture the consumer’s attention and retain satisfied customers? Whether your business is still considering adopting a loyalty program or you’re struggling to maintain an outdated system, now is the time to modernize.

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Engage and Retain Customers

According to a 2017 eMarketer report, shoppers are enrolled in 17 different loyalty programs, on average, but they only actively participate in a third of them. Even when customers were asked about their favorite brand, eMarketer found that 70% didn’t know or weren’t sure how many loyalty rewards they had earned. This pervasive, general lack of awareness leads to lost participation, lower purchasing motivation, and less satisfaction.

Unlike paper cards that can be lost or forgotten, a digital system makes it easy for customers to track their rewards progress and take advantage of exciting loyalty perks. Save money and build brand loyalty over time; customers are much cheaper to retain than acquire.

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Increase Customer Engagement

The Starbucks rewards app is one of the most successful examples of a modern loyalty program, but this custom software comes with a heavy price tag. Cloud-based software makes it easy and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses to adopt elements of what is working so well for Starbucks and other big-name brands. In 2018, eMarketer found that 78% of respondents would prefer to access their loyalty program information on their smartphone. A system based on the smartphone allows customers to sign up and track their loyalty rewards without having to carry multiple cards. With a digital system, you can encourage users to sign up for prepaid vouchers with easy-to-track balances that won’t go unused.

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Automate with Less Effort

Digital programs don’t require any extra effort or materials, like rubber stamps or specialty printed cards. Instead of managing traditional prepaid vouchers with fixed barcode scanners on cumbersome back-office software, businesses can now scan and track participation on the cloud. Simplify the process with a loyalty program that customers and employees can access in seconds.

Built-In Tracking Insights

Do you know how many active returning customers you have? With traditional paper loyalty stamp cards, it’s impossible to track the number of program members, linked purchases, and redemptions.Cloud-based systems automatically log transactions and track customer information, so you can see what members are buying and how often they shop. Enhance your CRM strategy and easily manage your loyalty program in one place.

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Decreasing Computing Cost

A smartphone is millions of times more powerful than computing system of the past. It is also so much cheaper than the legacy computing systems that most of the world now access the internet using smartphones. A legacy loyalty software system may involve plastic card with a unique bar code for the consumer plus a desktop software used by the cashier and a barcode reader. A smartphone now is more than capable of replacing the whole system of cards, barcode reader, and desktop software.

Loyalty Leo provides a cloud loyalty system to manage pre-paid vouchers and loyalty perks. Discover untapped potential of your business by taking advantage of modern software and smartphones. Learn how it works here.

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Our software as as service (SaaS) model means your loyalty infrastructure will only get better and more powerful over time as we constantly improve our product.