Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Program

Step 1

Sign Up

If you have not signed up, click this link to sign up.
Step 2

Create Business

From the top right menu drop-down, follow the link to business as shown in the screenshot below
screenshot showing how to get to business settings
Step 3

Submit Form

You can have multiple loyalty programs under one business.
screenshot showing business creation form
Step 4

Verify Submission

You can also adjust the details later. Note that the new business is now listed in the top table. Touch the program navigation icon at the bottm.
screenshot just after creating business
Step 5

Make Prepaid Program

This example shows that redeem number is one for creating a prepaid program. When a customer purchase this package, she receives six credits and later redeems one at a time. (Learn about purchase flow)

Examples of prepaid programs

  • Car wash: 6 washes for the price of 5
  • Nail salon: 11 manicures for the price of 10
This example also shows that the prepaid program is being optionally configured with one year of expiration. If the expiration setting is not configured, the customer can redeem from this program so long as there are any credit remaining.
screenshot of prepaid program set up
Alternative Step 5

Make Reward Program

This example shows that redeem number is 10 for creating a reward program. Customer cannot redeem until 10 credits  are collected in this program. When redeeming this program, 10 credits are deducted for a reward.

Examples of reward programs

  • Cafe: Buy 10 cups to get 1 free
  • Spa: Buy 10 full body massage to get 1 free
This reward program does not set anything for expiration and the credits will have no expiration date.
screenshot of reward program set up
Final Step

Program Created

Screenshot below confirms that the reward program is active. Congratulations! You as the business owner can now offer this program to your customers.

Recommended next step is to create a shop using these instructions. You can also invite cashiers to your shop and let them process transactions related to this program.

screenshot just after createing a program