A gift is a prepaid program designed for one consumer to purchase and send it to another. Given the right incentives, consumers may also buy gift programs for themselves in which case the "sending" part is merely omitted. Generic instructions for creating a prepaid program is here. For further clarity, we give below an example of creating prepaid gift programs.
Step 1

Create a Business

If you have not set up a business click this link for step by step instructions.
Step 2

Create Prepaid Program

From the business page, follow the link to program page as shown in the screenshot below
screenshot showing how to get to program section
Step 3


The screenshot below demonstrates a prepaid program creation of 11 manicure set for a business called "Rego Nail Spa." When a customer purchase this gift, the cashier will enter 11 credits. When the gift recipient needs a manicure, the redemption amount will be one credit. Expiration option, if set, will make the prepaid program expire according to the program specification; expiration countdown starts when the gift card is claimed.
screenshot 10 manicures program