Step 1

Create Gift Program

This purchase flow assumes that you have already created a prepaid gift program using these instructions
Step 2

Customer Presents Loyalty Code

When the customer logs in, her device shows the loyalty code.
customer presenting qr code
Step 3

Cashier Starts Camera & Scan Code

The cashier phone shows a link which must be touched to proceed. The cashier device should already be logged in to her account.
cashier scans customer
Step 4

Customer Purchase for Own Account

Customer pays the cashier and cashier credits the account; screenshot below takes place on cashier device. Notice the correct selection of the program and credit. This program is credited to the account of the paying customer.
screenshot buy 10 manicures program
Step 4 Alternative

Customer Sends to Someone as a Gift

  • Customer pays the cashier and cashier touches "Gift" tab near the top as shown in the screenshot below. Notice the correct selection of the program and credit.
  • The cashier also enters the email address of the gift recipient.
  • This gift shows up on both accounts in appropriate sections; both also receive emails with further instructions.
  • The sending customer can find the claim code on her account; she must send the claim code directly the recipient.
  • Alternatively, the sending customer can change her mind and claim the gift for herself from her account but only before the recipient claims it. Only after a gift is claimed, the reciever can start using it.
screenshot redeem 10 manicures program